Office & IT Consultancy

One of our more unique services is our IT & Office consultancy. We decided to offer this service after seeing how many work places we visited that had far more expensive hardware than they’d ever need, or completely insufficient hardware which was reducing their productivity while they paid exorbitant rates for it.

We know hardware and we know what is needed and where, so we decided to put together a catalogue of hardware sellers and prices, so that we could offer our clients an easier, more cost effective way of setting up their work spaces.

We order the hardware and you get to see where from and how much and you simply pay a small amount for our time and for the set up.

Call today for a basic quote or to arrange a meeting with us where we will be able to provide you with a precise quote free of charge.

Prices Starting from only:


for a brand new, full office desktop workstation including:

  • Windows PC,
  • 22″ HD Monitor
  • Keyboard and Mouse


for a brand new 12″ fully featured, Microsoft Office™ and Photoshop™ CC 2015 capable convertable windows tablet including: 

  • 4gb Ram
  • Detachable Keyboard
  • Active Stylus for Handwriting & Drawing


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