Axil Marketing

The Job:

To create a website for use in advertising Axil Marketing to businesses. Axil marketing was small alternative marketing company specializing in using young people of a certain look to use in PR and events.

Sadly the young lady who ran it has since moved on to another career and the site has gone down too.


Bespoke Design

Designed with regular input from the client, based on specific feature and design requirements. This particular site was actually laid out in image form by the client who had a very clear view of what she wanted it to look like.

Blog Facility

This site had the added feature of a blog for related media and news. 

Included Features

  1. Bespoke Web Design
  2. Content Design
  3. Video Streaming
  4. Hosting Setup & Management
  5. Blog Feature
  6. Social Media Integration

Overall Project Cost:

  • Bespoke Website and Content
    • £230

  • Hosting Setup, Mail and Support
    • Free

Project Completion Turnaround


Customer Satisfaction

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