The Job:

To create a blog based website for Boredsport company that could act as an online magazine for alternative sports enthusiasts as well as gving a huge boost to their own sites search engine rankings.


Bespoke Design

Designed with regular input from the client, based on specific feature and design requirements

Optimized for Mobile

Design using advanced rescaling functionality to improve accesiblity on all mobile devices, automatically optimizing it’s layout to suit computer, tablet or mobile.

User Account Facility

This site allows users to register, adding their own content, linking with other users and commenting on posts.

Included Features

  1. Bespoke Web Design
  2. Content Design
  3. Video Streaming
  4. Hosting Setup
  5. Advanced SEO
  6. User Integration

Overall Project Cost:

  • Bespoke Website and Content
    • £250

  • Hosting Setup, Mail and Support
    • Free

Project Completion Turnaround


Customer Satisfaction

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