Document Design

SOLID Fire Extinguisher Guideline Document

A booklet style document designed for use in both print and digital format.

The document follows both the safety regulations of the equipment and the SOLID brand guidelines.

The illustrated representations and explanations are all custom made.

SOLID Certificate Templates

All certificates were designed using completely custom made graphic elements and were design for use in simple, content controlled work and PDF templates, allowing managers and executives to distribute certificates on the fly without needing support from a designer.

All certificates were designed with strict adherence to the SOLID brand guidelines. (As they were at the time)

Each certificate typically follows a colour scheme which follows set system allowing for easy differentiation between rank and skill-type.

SOLID Technician Taskbook

An educational document designed to help new employees learn their way around SOLID’s workflow systems as well helping track their progress and allowing managers to arrange review periods.

The design is colourful to avoid bogging down the new employees whilst also using those colours to help employees easily find information using the colours tabs as a section system.

SOLID Sales ProcessĀ 

A educational document designed to help train SOLID sales staff.

The Playbook contains flowcharts, graphic examples and technical info segments covering all aspects of the sales process.

These images have been blurred to protect company information. Whilst these image don’t contain any mission critical information, I still feel this is and appropriate courtesy.