Web Design & UX

Surface Draw – Software Concept

A concept design for Microsoft Office software suite.

The software was designed to counter the short-comings of artwork software Microsoft Surface devices. 

The Aesthetic is being reworked at the moment, but the current form was based on Windows “Fluent UI” framework.

Surface draws UI is designed to be more utilitarian than other drawin apps, creating a middle ground between the practical functions of photoshop and the ease-of-use of software like Fresco or Sketchbook.


A small start-up between me and my older brother offering commission services.

The concept is for customers to have their astrological birth chart designed as an “Avatar” or an ornate chart design. The concepts are then rendered in a variety of formats.


An ecommerce site designed to be a sales hub for a variety of charity products.

Ran by John Richardson (of “the Rubettes” fame) the is home a wide variety of products from albums to children’s books and kindle ebooks.

The site also links to a couple for micro-sites for the “A Space 2 B” book and “Fun Drumming” book products.


Whilst the original site was designed by a large studio, almost all of the pages have been reworked to some degree. 

I have made made numerous changes to the site in the last couple of years both internally and externally. It’s current form is vastly different from the original version.

Other Examples

My original career was in low level web design, however I have for the last few years been working in a variety of other disciplines. As such many of my examples are of sites which have since changed or the businesses themselves have changed or no longer exist.

These are images of other sites I’d worked on in the past.