Illustration & 2D+3D Graphics

Dungeons & Dragons
Artwork Commissions

Currently involved in an upcoming YouTube channel project with experienced D&D players with existing an existing fanbase from the podcast “Dungeons and Drag Queens”

Members of the group commissioned me to create portrait artworks of their respective characters as Christmas gifts, but which turned into advertising materials for the Youtube channel and stream.

The Cast-Iron Man

A reimagining of the classic Marvel comics/movie super heroes.

Originally sketched out during a creative industries seminar where the official Marvel steampunk iron-man was shown. “Cast-Iron Man” was my idea. Seemed like a missed opportunity by Marvel.

The drawings are drawn in the style of classic 18th century reliefs. 

Additional characters from “Avengers” series we’re added to reflect cultural tropes of the period.

Vegetable Cars?

Drawings from a seminar I gave at the local college on creative design as part of their game design course. The purpose was to get students to think outside the box.

The idea was borne from a test. I arrogantly proposed (I was 18) that I could make a viable game concept out of anything.

These sketches were based on the words “Vegetable Cars”. 

Illustrated Safety Posters

SOLID® Branding Safety Posters.

Custom Illustrations highlighting the basic principle as well as listed explanations to explain the does and don’ts of workplace safety. As with all my work there’s a firm focus on fair representations, making sure I diversify the human characters as much as is possible within the given framework.

Custom Staff Iconography

Custom designed Staff/Personnel Icons for use in a variety of projects.

The designs were made mainly for use in motion graphics projects for SOLID, but we’re subsequently used in a variety of other documents and posters for the company. As with all my work there’s been a firm focus on diversity of human characters.

Astrological Chart Illustrations

People’s natal charts conceptualized as illustrations to order as part of “The Sky Within” project.

‘The Sky Within’ is a start-up business between me and my older brother, where we offer sell commissions for customers to have their astronomical birth chart envisioned, usually as an “Avatar” and then rendered in a variety of formats.

This is further down the list of projects because I’ve only worked on a couple of the projects.

You can learn more at:

“The Original Superheroes” Album cover

Originally designed for use on music streaming sites the cover was eventually printed onto multi-media usb cards.

Representing a variety of religious figures, particularly those seen as divine in the eye’s of the Hare Krishna and other Hindu-based faiths as divine beings who performed great acts in the name of peace. The musician wanted a “comic book-like feel” to the design, however we found that the result wasn’t in-keeping with the representations that religious groups would prefer, so instead we produced a design that uses classical painting style characters, but using a retro, pop-art style framework to house it.

Pokemon “Gigantamax” Competition Entry

A custom pokemon design attempt for an ongoing design competition. The task was to create an altered design with high-ranked submissions potentially included in the franchise in future.

The “Kimono Dragon”

Custom digital designs for distribution to colleagues during the retirement celebration of a long standing executive. 
Notorious for making mistakes when speaking to Japanese clients.

3D Modelling and Printing

Though technically qualified in 3D graphics at college, the training was for outdated tools and covered very little.

Having had very little use for 3D graphics other than quick wireframe of cell shaded renders of room scenes (shown in motion graphics examples).

These are simple demonstrations of ability in 3D modelling and use of 3D printer technology.