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The Sugar Baby Loves new single “Honey Love” official music video

I produced this video for the new band “The Sugar Baby Loves” (Formed after a disagreement between members of “The Rubettes, famous for the No.1 hit “Sugar Baby Love”, hence the name).

The Video was produced quickly at low cost. All elements of the video, excluding the filming, were produced by myself. 

I want to point out that several elements of this video were added against my advice, such as the strange dancing flower scene, as well as the decision to place large amounts of written information before AND after the video. I did explain that this information is usually added in the video information and that any changes would require a re-rendered video….

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SOLID® Employee Orientation Video

SOLID® staff orientation video. Designed with strict adherence to the SOLID brand guidelines. Utilizes a mixture of custom and stock footage and using VFX overlays to exemplify the desired message.


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SOLID® Financial Basics Video

SOLID® educational video explaining the dynamics of profit and loss.

Designed with strict adherence to the SOLID brand guidelines. There’s a conscious attempt to diversify the character icons. All videos have also been translated into Spanish and subtitled to aid South American employees.

Mantra Choir “Giri Govardhan”

A music video produced for the track “Giri Govardhan” by Jayadev John Richardson and the Mantra Choir organization.

Mantra Choir is a globally run Hare Krishna music event organization, which has run events in every continent.

The concept of the “Virtual Mantra Choir” was to have people signing on webcam from all over the planet to comprise the song. The signer Boy George was involved too, although when it came to actually singing the song he kept ad-libbing making synchronizing his video to the track nigh impossible….

The video was produce in 2014 and the YouTube upload is poor quality.

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SOLID® LMS Online Technician Training

SOLID® educational platform module, outputted to video.

I was contracted to produce a full online interactive training course for SOLID to train textile care technicians.

The courses were produced using Ispring Software and utilized live user tracking. This is a low quality video recording as I cannot host the companies training materials online.

More Examples

To avoid bogging down the site I’ve only selected a few examples. More examples can be found in my portfolio OneDrive folder.