A Capable Graphic Designer and Content Developer. Experienced in video, print & digital content & workflow streamlining for process improvement.


Illustration & 2D+3D Graphics

Experienced in Graphic Design, Digital Painting and 3D modelling for use in a wide variety of processional scenarios, such as illustration, educational resources and data visualization.

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Motion Graphics &
Data Visualization

Experienced in all stages of producing videos and animated content for professional applications, from design and concept to visual effects and audio editing. Specializing in infographics and data visualization.

Brand Design

Produced a wide range of logos and branding packages for a broad range of client’s including non-profits and large scale businesses.

Web Design & UX

Passionate about UI and UX as well as having a broad range of experience in both web design and development, having spent the last couple of years working in large scale business initiatives designing web-based user workflow systems.

Print Design

Highly experienced producing graphics for print production in a variety of formats including; children’s books, certificates and business signage.

Document Design

Experienced in formatting, designing graphics for and proofing professional use-case documentation from sales materials to educational documentation.